CASH Prices Updated 11/20/2018

46-0-0                      $380.00/ton             Chatty,Grandfield

18-46-0                   $510.00/ton              Chatty,Grandfield

11-52-0                    Call for Price             Chatty,Grandfield

  0-0-60                   $370.00/ton               Chatty,Grandfield

21-0-0-24                 $295.00/ton                      Chattanooga

                 28-0-0 (liquid)           $235.00/ton               Chatty,Grandfield                 

32-0-0  (liquid)          $260.00/ton              Chatty,Grandfield

10-34-0 (liquid)          $425.00/ton              Chatty,Grandfield


Bulk Fertilizers Not Stored at Lawton Location, Contact us for delivery to Lawton.

 Prices Subject To Change Without Notice



Spreader Charge

Spreader Rental $5.00/ton  -- with $25.00 minimum

Custom Application Rates

Dry Airflow                     $4.00/acre
Liquid Application            $5.00/acre
Water Application            $5.00/acre
Pasture Application         $6.00/acre
Seed Blend & Apply         $6.00/acre 

Blending & Mixing Fee   $35.00/Batch


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